Calendar Subscriptions

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The other day, our friends at the Racquet Club of St. Louis had an idea – export the your reservations to the calendar on your phone. What a great idea. Well, as of today, you can do with with what we are calling a calendar subscription. Here is how it works: First, get the link to your calendar subscription by adding your sportsynergy id to the link below.  In case your wondering your sportsynergy id can be found on your account profile page (My Account -> Edit Account)[PUT YOUR SPORTSYNERGY ID HERE]     Once you have this then just add this in Apple’s Calendar application by going to File -> New Calendar Subscription. The screen for doing this should look something like the image below.     For Google’s calendar it works in a similar way. For doing it this way, Open Googles calendar and go to Other calendars then click on the dropdown arrow then Add by URL, like this:                                 There you have it. Enjoy. Please let us know if you have any questions by  shooting us an email here:  ...

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Securing your site

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Here at Sportsynergy your privacy is very important to us. Today we just added a couple new features that will help secure the main booking page. As an administrator, go into club preferences then scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see two new options. The first is Display Player Names. This one allows you to only display the player names after logging in. The other is a setting for requiring a valid login even before accessing the booking page at all. The default settings for these two options haven’t changed, so if you like the way things work now, no action is...

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Our server is now bigger, better and more stable

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Recently, we have had some problems keeping our server up and running. Granted, there were only a couple of crashes but to us that’s a couple of crashes too many. To fix this problem we replaced the old clunker with a new shiny state of the art finely tuned machine that will carry us all through for years to come. Basically, it like going from a 2001 Volkswagon Passat to a 2014 Mustang GT. Buckle up.

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That was supposed to be a league match

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Have you ever booked a reservation and then later realized that it was supposed to be a challenge match or a box league match? That’s okay if you have, it happens to a lot of people. With the latest update to our reservation system, you now have the ability to go in a change the type of reservation even after you have played. To take advantage of this new feature, just click on the reservation you want to change and then click on the link that says: “If these are not the player’s that played or if you need to change the match type, click here” Enjoy...

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Free Shirt

Posted by on December 16, 2013 in Random Clubpro Updates | Comments Off on Free Shirt

Are you a member of a club that uses our online software? Are you a prospective client looking for a better way to manage your courts? Are you a robot crawling the web for email addresses and passwords? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have a gift for you… a t-shirt. Thanks for being you.

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An introduction to GitHub

Posted by on September 2, 2013 in Random Clubpro Updates | Comments Off on An introduction to GitHub

You may have heard us talking about being open source in the past. What that means is that anyone can download our source code. If you know PHP, the programming language we use here, you can help us out making improvements. We keep track of the known bugs, and there are a few out there on a list that anyone can access. We do all of this on a platform called GitHub. In other words, we want you to be involved in making our program better. If you’re a customer and come across something that doesn’t look quite right, just go to our issue list and add an issue. If you’re a PHP developer and see something in our code that is, ahem, wrong, do us a solid and send us a Pull Request. You may have noticed a new link on our homepage called “Developers.” Just click there to get...

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Box League History

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You asked and we listened. A lot of clubs really like the box league feature.  It gives players a rolling league schedule that advances the top performers to the next league, or the next box.  How this players move up and down from one box league to another is completely up to the club pro. However, how each player did and the points they scored in their league has always been a little, shall we say opaque.  This update we just put in allows the box league history to be easily accessed for any league by clicking on the players score in main box leagues screen.  And for the club administrators, the results of the matches can now be adjusted (i.e. put in correctly). Keep the feedback coming...

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Box League Scoring Update

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Lets face it, everyone loves a good box league.  The way that the box leagues were scored was that each player gets a point for playing and a point for each game won and then the winner gets a point for winning.  But what about the pure joy one gets when defeating an opponent 3-0.  That should be worth a point in the box league scoring system, right?  Well, now it does. Here are a couple of examples:  3/0 = 6 points to the winner, 1 point to the loser. 3/1 = 5 points to the winner, 2 points to the loser. 3/2 = 4 points to the winner, 3 points to the loser.  ...

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Sportsynergy welcomes Madison Squash Workshop

Posted by on January 28, 2013 in Random Clubpro Updates | Comments Off on Sportsynergy welcomes Madison Squash Workshop

Today we are proud to announce a new partnership with a true gem in Madison, Wisconsin, the Madison Squash Workshop.  With Sportsynergy Damon Bourne, the proprietor and also a darn good player in his own right is making it easier for his members to find matches and stay informed with all of the goings on at the club.  Welcome aboard Madison!

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Email Reminders

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Today we released a little feature we call email reminders.  In addition to getting the reservation confirmation emails, the club pro now has the option to enable email reminders, which are emails sent out up to 24 hours before the reservation occurs.  There are two ways of setting this up: One, the emails can be sent out 24 hours before the match.  The other way of setting this up is to send out emails at a specified time of day for court reservations occurring that day.  For example, you could have email reminders sent out at 5am every day.  This new setting can be found in Tools, then to Club...

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