ladyAt Sportsynergy we have humble roots. It all began on a cool autumn morning in 2001 when the Commodore Squash Club was looking for a way to make itself more convenient to its members. The small club was sparsely staffed on the weekends so members were not able to simply call in and make court reservations during this time; they had to physically go to the club. What’s more, when managing leagues, the club pro found himself keeping track of everything on scraps of paper.

Recognizing these problems,  squash pro John O’Brien along with several other members of the Commodore devised a solution.  The club members would have the ability to manage their own court reservations, not from just the club but from home and from work too. They would be able to have easy access to their fellow club members contact information to more conveniently arrange matches. Several months later the Commodore Squash Club went online with this system and Sportsynergy was born.

Sportsynergy is wholly owned by the founders and has no debts or investment. It is committed to sustainable organic growth by reinvesting profits from the sale of products and services with additional revenue from customization and consultancy work.



Executive Team


Adam Preston


Adam Preston, a Colorado native,  holds undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. Previously, Adam worked in management consulting where worked with large companies on even bigger projects. Now Adam is focused on building software that brings people together and keeps them in shape.


Doug Humble

Director of Sales and Marketing

With a degree in Civil Engineering from University of Colorado Boulder, Doug knows how to build beautiful things.  Doug has a beard.