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ladyAt Sportsynergy we have humble roots. It all began on a cool autumn morning in 2001 when the Commodore Squash Club was looking for a way to make itself more convenient to its members. The small club was sparsely staffed on the weekends so members were not able to simply call in and make court reservations during this time; they had to physically go to the club. What’s more, when managing leagues, the club pro found himself keeping track of everything on scraps of paper.

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September 7, 2016 |

Calendar Subscriptions

The other day, our friends at the Racquet Club of St. Louis had an idea – export the your reservations to the calendar on your phone. What a great idea. Well, as of today, you can do with with what we are calling a calendar subscription. Here is how it works: First, get the link to your calendar subscription by adding your sportsynergy id to the link below.  In case your wondering your sportsynergy id can be found on your account profile page (My Account -> Edit Account)[PUT YOUR SPORTSYNERGY ID HERE]     Once you have this then just add this in Apple’s Calendar application by going to File -> New Calendar Subscription....

November 25, 2014 |

Securing your site

Here at Sportsynergy your privacy is very important to us. Today we just added a couple new features that will help secure the main booking page. As an administrator, go into club preferences then scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see two new options. The first is Display Player Names. This one allows you to only display the player names after logging in. The other is a setting for requiring a valid login even before accessing the booking page at all. The default settings for these two options haven’t changed, so if you like the way things work now, no action is...

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